Mahagun India comes up with lavishing Mascot Township in Ghaziabad

Mahagun India welcomes you to the world of comfort and lavishing lifestyle at Mahagun Mascot Township. Ensconced between the goluptious greenery of Crossing Republik India’s first global city circulated thence forward more than 360 acres and flanked with iconic raise towers, Mascot township provides flats in Crossing Republik Ghaziabad with unique privilege to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the surroundings with the pleasure to live luxury lifestyle in a world class environment at a distance only of 19kms from the Delhi border. Mahagun Mascot is a perfect dream home township property in Ghaziabad Crossing Republik. Mahagun Mascot presumes the primary need to approach the issue of planned development in residential Real Estate Industry.


Redefining Lifestyle this one vision has brought the top seven real estate groups together to create Crossings Republik – India’s first global city. Their first joint venture would be in Crossings Republik, an imprinting creation which is futuristic for residential, world-class prudent and the delegate symbol of lifestyle and comfort residential. 7 is a magical number. 7 sincere promises make a good marriage, 7 wonders capture your imagination, 7 colors make the rainbow, 7 visionaries-One dream. Imagine its magnitude. And that is the very reason the seven most powerful names have come together to compose the most formidable entity in the business of real estate. And one gets the most tremendous effect one can ever conceive. Their first joint venture would be Crossings Republik, an imprinting fabrication which is futuristic.

Mahagun Mascot specification has joys of floating garden, yoga hall, mini golf course and lot more. Control access with round the clock security and video door-phones offer peace of mind. Mahagun Mascot is ready to move flats in Crossing Republik.

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